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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:30am-5:59am CDT

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damage that hermine has already done.a major development today in the making a murderer case. the decision that the state has to make about one man's future. thni. look at this. it is a gorgeous sunrise here. when the rain will return to the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'melinda davenport. 's 5:30 on this friday, ser second let's t with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather cte sal? >> summery weather is staying in the forecast and just not ing to go yet and we are lookinat highsntohe 80s. for today,lue fors everyone. temperatures low 70s. cooler a times along the lake. now, saturday we get closer to 80 degrees. starts to feel a little more humid forsatda but especially sunday anden mday more humid and temperatures
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80s. gorgeool storfo. iook atef? theda ?d]bthe rai areovin up acroorgi ca look athe an ?j, flh fl a watches. inddition tm?tropicaor anvi going to be a very big rain maker right through the a tim. tis theirst time in en yea flo live ctures.
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inai mar. you can see a man scui a g.%? he's carrying the dog to safety. the water appears to be about knee high. reporters are also tweeting pictures. jeff patterson at wfla in tampa has water in his hotel. he's ida another reporter inrlando reports floing up and down the town there. we are following ut the gulf coast. i'll keep you updated all morning. here is a look at traffic watch. >> they have wpped up the construction around the zoo interchange and keep in mind that the weekend is a construction free weekend for noborday. crews orxt lanes are blocked throughout the weekend for the h ekd. thelav times ar gooews
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 33. >> later today, layingt. slr not o far from milwaukee. e and another nun were ern mississippi last week. they had been working as nurse practitioners there for decades. held's family and friends will gather later today at st. joseph chapel in milwaukee. >> a possible development in the making a murderer case. we could find out later today if for his part in thrder or if he'll walk free. tim,hat arwe learning about th case? >> the attorney fobrendan dassey is confident that the state will not decide to re-try him. kathleen zellner hinted that the state attorney general could makeisn later today. she tweeted ouisesge ea"the isnshaon moral, just and righteous ke fom ss, lehigo, over." dassey had confessed to helping
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the trial was documented in the netflix series "making a murderer." a judge overturned his conviction last month saying that the confession should not be admissible in court. the state has until nomber to d or let him go. ben, over to you. >> thank you, tim. >> a deadly month in milwaukee. the police chief says august saw more homicides than any month in the last quarter century. milwaukee had 24 homicides in day, the day that the unrest in milwaukee began. last month, milwaukee's murder rate was higher than chicago's. for every 100,000 people, milwaukee had foururders. chicago had just over three homicides.
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but i would urge mane stei critisms of the po dert to lend some ofheir energy and their concern to the extraordinary rates of violent crime that are afflicting us. thle t ed flynn says part guns in milwaukee. >> a movman pa safer. two groups were at city hall yesterday as the common council heldion. a community group and some black panthers were at the meeting. ey want the city to move faster to take care of problems in sherman park and across the city. >> we're sick and tired in aukee without the right people and faces in the room. >> we will force you to make a change. disruptions, disturbances, recalls, economic boycotts. whatever it takes, you're going toisten. >> the council has planned two public listening sesons,
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so they took their complaints to the common council meeting. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. >> hurricane hermine mad landfall overnight in flid ore stt, so peoe to break fm prepping for theurcane had a little fun. this i not the first time they have done that. er diving but a of bea de to gdp gud dog isn't hang it. how he got the big bea to leave. irst, let's take a live look outside as weea rob ro painting a picture this morning. >> yes exactly. happy clouds a happy sun. you are watching "12 newthis morning." we have the holiday weekend
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>> how about the holiday weekend rounjust athe corner ase get a look, we are getting beautiful skast pictures this morng.?1 th is one fm cera
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lower parts of downto. this is a peek atracine. beautiful clouds this morning. 63 racine.5r winds are calm. we go to sheboygan and equally as beautiful. the sunrise 6:18. weelenty e way of . 54 mequon. ske fair with a few? clouds around. 49 bton urling well. la tempe utusp to 73 degrees. a little cooler racin and howbo this plent of sunshine tomorrow, .w s for snd. sal, thank you. >> new this morning, while hurricane hermine was heading id
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>> cck this out. th were hing ittlfun. he goirn tebr. tbefo, i sure video pted onwitt t storm made landfall. thesflid made e most of the flooded streets by boarding. i ink they are driving a ca something likeldthat. >> theates? d ted.psdiey g >>ve lite dog ed the bears off. look at this. e cubs were roaming the neighborodith thr ma bear. state wildlife officials say the last time they checked the bears had run up a te. they'll probably head back to the wos on their own. oh, look at the dog, there is. ho not my house. t in my house.
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>> those bears are quick, butdoe not jgmy gaage. i t loveat dog. nice. gen newsroomim hloome the gges ories. landflora ca in insomerioues. plusanlo
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>> good morning, 5:45. thank you for joining us.
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the construction is picked up and travel times are looking great. sally, back to you. thank you, matt. while driving the kids to school or getting to work, everything is clear. >> that is right shths we are looking at beautiful weather across the midwest. 64 over 58 and the winds are calm. we look at a light east wind for much of gorgeous weather today. 73 degrees. star shine tonight and pushing 80 for tomorrow. the sunshine it is going to stay around for us right through the holiday weekend. as we sail south and get a look at the rains across georgia and pushing up to the carolinas, the worst of the wet weather is over for now.
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>> hermine is expected to push into georgia as it moves up the coast. we go now to wisn 12 news' bob hazen in savannah, georgia. >> it is pouring down and right now in a lull and the rain is dying down, we are on the outer bands of this. the concern are the roads, the roads appear to be okay, now real blockages yet. the wind is not much of a factor. as of right now, not worry about with the wind. rain is a big concern as the storm will be moving in here and of course flooding in the low lying areas here in savanna. we are going to monitor it and bring you the latest throughout the day. >> thanks, bob. we'll continue to follow hermine's progress and keep you updated throughout the morning. for now, back to you, melinda. >> thank you, tim. >> happening now, the hawaiian islands are feeling the effects of tropical storm madeline and hurricane lester. heavy rain has caused some flooding in the wake of the
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put out sandbags. now, the focus is on hurricane lester still heading toward the islands. >> president obama was visiting hawaii but managed to avoid the storms. he was at the midway atoll yesterday, a tiny island where a world war two battle happened. it's now part of a marine sanctuary. the president quadrupled the size of that sanctuary last week. he took some time to reminisce about growing up in hawaii as he took in the sights. >> we'd see these turtles all the time but n that basking in the sun. apparently because it's been raining, they got a little chilly so they figured they'd do a little sunbathing. >> obama talked about the importance of conservation. he hopes his trip to hawaii will help americans take climate change seriously. >> high school in california has
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student dances. every student has to blow into a breathalyzer. they started this last year. >> everyone day two getting back to school routine. >> we are sharing your pictures that you sent in to us yesterday. good morning, jason and here is sydney a first grader in kenosha. posing for the camera. >> here the clare. i like the shirt, let's roll. >> so many great pictures yesterday. thank you for sending those in. we have a lot of them right as
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>> just taking it is an accomplishment. we'll helicopter to share them. it is gorgeous weather in place for the holiday weekend. you know, grill, beach, you know, don't give up on summer just yet. the weekend buzz it is summery. sunny skies through monday. just a few passing clouds from time to time. more 80s and humid for sunday and the forecast for tuesday. wet for tuesday, wednesday and even into thursday. right now a look at the airport. just beginning to get light. 64 over 58. winds right now are light. they continue to stay light for today. high pressure is in place over most of the great lakes. what is happening for us, the high remains stationary for
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the fact of tropical storm hermine going up the sea board and providing a blocking mechanism. for us, that means gorgeous holiday weather. 45 at stevens point. we are just talking sunshine. lots of it for today. light winds going southeast for us. we look at the sunshine. some patchy fog tonight and tomorrow morning. sunshine for saturday. temperatures with a south bend to the wind and warming and going up to 80 degrees. today in the low 70s. probably 69 along the lake. 80 tomorrow. low 80s sunday and monday. tuesday is when the wet returning to the forecast. >> >> happening now, space-x and facebook are dealing with the fallout after a rocket exploded yesterday.
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situation. tim? >> the space-x rocket was on a launch pad in cape canaveral when something went wrong a series of explosions started going off lasting around four minutes. you are seeing them here. this is massive. this lasted about four minutes too. the rocket was destroyed along with a satellite owned by facebook. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg posted about the explosion saying he is deeply disappointed to lose the satellite. the explosion happened while the rocket was being fueled. but the exact cause isn't clear yet. ben, over the you. >> looking ahead now, nba star dwyane wade sits down with george stephanopoulos after his cousin's death got national attention including from donald trump who sent out a tweet about violence in chicago. >> i was grateful that it started a conversation, but on the other hand, it just left a bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of chicago is dealing with and it looks like
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>> see more of that exclusive interview on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. right after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> an update to a story we first told you about yesterday. a military chopper is now out of the mud. a texas national guard pilot had to land there after a mechanical issue. then the chopper got stuck. the military used a chinook helicopter to lift the chopper out of the muck and take it to a nearby airport. none of the soldiers who were on board during the emergency landing were hurt. jetblue after her five-year-old son ended up on the wrong plane. it took him to boston instead of new york city. the mother found out when jet blue delivered the wrong child at jfk. it took three hours to reunite the mother and son. a passport mix-up reportedly caused the confusion. two boys' id's got swapped and they boarded each others' flights.
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child with her son's passport. she believes her son is kidnapped. >> i can't imagine that. jetblue has apologized offered the family two-thousand dollars in flight vouchers. but the family said no thanks -- they will >> look at this passenger doing yoga. the woman started do the second head stand though and the flight attendant asked her to stop. interesting. all this activity going on, her seatmate slept through the entire flight. >> would you mind sitting next to her? >> maybe join her.
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>> no, that is jetblue so all coach. >> more on hermine. >> the conditions in florida and when the storm made land fall as a hurricane. >> plus the road of the white house is rolling through wisconsin and the third party
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>> welcome back. samsung is stopping the sales on the gallonty notes 7 after battery explosions. >> customers that bought the note 7s can swap them out regardless of the purchase date. some buyers reported that the phones caught on fire or exploded while charging. they sewed a million of the smart phones. >> lineup, the chain is offering su seasonal beverage. it is a chile mocha. okay. it is a hot coffee drink topped with kie an, cinnamon and sea salt and a little sugar. little too spicey for me.
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looks good. they create it by top it and steamed with milk. it is a sweet and spicy. it is lawning on tuesday. >> tsl coming bag too soon. >> walmart is trimming back 7,000 office store jobs and centralizing the invoice and accounting department. the cuts are taking place in all of the getting the workers out of the back rooms to the selling floor. many of the displaced workers will find new jobs involving direct contact with shoppers in the online pickup department or pharmacy teches. >> auto sales fell last month. gm saw the sales drop 5% and ford sales down 8%. toyota and honda and volkswagon
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sales were flat. chrysler saw a 3% increase and suburus were up. >> good morning. welcome to morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is friday, september 2nd. the first hurricane to make a direct hit on florida in more than a did slams the gulf coast and thus of people are in the dark and we are tracking the damage. >> a solemn farewell for a wisconsin born nun murdered in mississippi. more on the service where family and friends say good-bye. >> first, to a check on the commute and forecast.


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